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Jeff & Mary Brice on our wedding day
Photo by Mike Belleme

About Us

Hey, hey!  We are Mary Brice & Jeff Wales, partners in life who together decided to embark down this nuptial road because, well, why not make the happiest day of people's lives our business? Thus far, it's been an absolute honor and privilege to take part in every single one.


So, in May of 2020, we decided to move our family of four to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, in attempt to simplify our lives & to focus more on those things which matter most.  Jeff has been a professional photographer for many years, and uses a mix of both digital & medium-format film.  It is our belief that what is important on an occasion such as your marriage is the essentials- a beautiful spot, a great photographer to document the special occasion, & someone to officiate.  We also offer Videography. In a nutshell, that is exactly what we offer.  Although we aren't wedding planners, we can help you choose the best-suited venue, create a tailored ceremony after getting to know you, & capture plenty of beautiful photos and if desired, video reels.  We have on our team three officiants: two spiritual officiants, as well as an ordained minister.

We strive to provide our customers with a simple, at-ease day without all of the unnecessary, stressful, & expensive frills that a typical traditional wedding entails.  All you should need to focus on leading up to that moment when you say your vows is the commitment of your "ever-after" together!  That said, we also have plenty of preferred vendor recommendations for food/catering services, florists, beauticians, bakeries, & reception venues to share with you, should you decide that you want a little more...

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